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          At Bastrop Financial Planning, we take our role in your life seriously. We believe the success of our relationship with you requires trust. That's why we always strive to clearly communicate realistic expectations, costs, potential conflicts of interest, and the impact that any decision could have on your financial plan. During your initial consultation, our goal is to understand your current situation, concerns, goals, and expectations. We'll happily answer any questions you may have, including the benefits and drawbacks to any pricing structure below that you may choose.    

Hourly Consulting - $200/Hour

Do you like managing your own investments? Are you looking for a second opinion? Do you like the idea of a transparent and straight-forward cost when paying for advice? Hourly consulting allows clients to get professional advice without any requirement that clients transfer assets or change their investments.

Assets Under Management (AUM) - Up to 1.5%/Year

Do you want on-going professional guidance on investment decisions? Is consolidating assets a priority for you?
Would you rather pay a flat percentage-based cost, instead of commissions and other transaction-based fees?   
The percentage of AUM model allows clients to get professional advice when they need it without having to "watch the clock" or paying commissions.

Brokerage - Varies

Brokerage accounts pay commissions to your advisor based of the investments that are held, bought, or sold in an account. These accounts are also frequently subject to other miscellaneous charges and fees.         

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