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Divorce Services

Divorce can be a one of the most turbulent times in your life, both emotionally and financially. Decisions made at this juncture can have impacts that affect you for the rest of your life. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst®(CDFA®) practitioner, Mitchell Hardin can help you & legal team with understanding:

 Your Current Financial Situation

  • Assist in organizing your financial documents and identify your financial priorities
  • Assist in taking inventory of your assets and liabilities
  • Analysis of current income & expenses

Analysis of Property Division Proposals

  • Analysis of short term impact
  • Long-term projections
  • Side by side comparison of multiple scenarios 

Your Post-Divorce Financial Situation

  • Assist in completion of financial account paperwork (beneficiary updates, re-registration, etc.) 
  • Analysis of post-divorce financial situation
    • Budgeting
    • Assets & liabilities 
    • Insurance coverage & gap analysis
    • Education funding analysis
    • Estate planning 
  • Access to a personalized financial site (see below for more information)

Please Note: Bastrop Financial Planning & its employees cannot offer tax or legal advice. For assistance in these areas please consult a qualified tax or legal professional. Bastrop Financial Planning offers analysis of the financial strategies developed by you & these professionals. Our services are meant to supplement, but not replace qualified tax or legal counsel.    

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